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Race Ultra-Light

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GV Race Ultra-Light racing snowshoe. Its light weight, its aerodynamic shape reducing friction on the ground, its profiled decking, its aggressive crampons, its Energy Saver Soft pivot bar as well as its Step-In-Tech new harness will please racers for sure.

Dimensions in./cm / User weight – Off trail lb/kg
7 x 21 / 18 x 53             60-115 / 27-52

GV’s newest innovation, the Step-In Tech bindings, are a removable binding that converts to crampons to any boot or shoe in one click. With aggressive 10-spike crampons, the bindings can be used on nearly any type of terrain and is especially helpful when the snow pack becomes more hard packed and icy.

GV Step In Harness Binding


Step-In-Harness: Perfrect for runners, hikers or workers.
: The harness firmly locks on the snowshoe thanks to a locking device easy to operate with gloved hands or poles.
AreoLite Frame: All our frames are made of top quality, lightweight aluminum.
Entech Decking: All GV decking can resist extreme temperatures down to - 50* C.
: Entech™ decking is lighter in weight and provides better resistance against abrasion.
: New decking fastener system now on all our snowshoes.
: Superior durability.
: Prevents friction on decking bottom.
: Limits premature wear.
: Generates 50% less plastic waste.
Pivot Energy Saver: Patented rigid pivot bar.
: Eliminates any twisting of the foot.
: Best lateral rigidity among all aluminum snowshoes on the market.
: The back of the snowshoe always maintains contact with the ground.