Collapsible Wood Burning Stove

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KIHD camping wood stove

Back Country Wood Stove Collapsible and Portable

This is an amazing product for all, back country canoeing, hiking, hunters, fishermen, bushcrafters, survivalists, preppers and day trippers. 

The KIHD Stove is a lightweight, compact, and easy to use wood burning stove that doesn't require you to carry any fuel. It packs completely flat, weighs only 600 g. Properly fed, the KIHD Stove requires minimal effort to produce and maintain an even flame with little or no smoke. A couple handfuls of twigs and sticks gathered on the trail is more than enough to boil water and cook a full meal. 

Tired of carrying extra weight when going on back country adventures. Carrying a stove with the fuel it needs to operate adds unnecessary weight to what would overall be a great experience.  
As you know, we all need a nice warm meal at the end of a long day paddling or hiking. 

The KIHD Stove is a portable, collapsible wood stove light enough and strong enough to cook on and brew the best outdoor coffee in the back country.  Includes carrying bag.
The stove is a Canadian design and is entirely fabricated in Burlington, Ontario Canada.
Stove Specs:
The Basic Stove is made of cold rolled steel.   
Assembled the KIHD Stove has a dimention of L: 4½ in.(11.0 cm) x W: 4½ in.(11.0 cm) x H: 4¾ in.(12.0 cm).
Weight: 600 grams

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